EMIR and MiFIR Assurance Service

For MiFIR transaction reporting:  RTS 22, Article 15(3) states that “Investment firms shall have arrangements in place to ensure that their transaction reports are complete and accurate”.
For EMIR trade reporting:  EMIR Article 9 (1e) states that “Counterparties and CCPs that are required to report the details of derivative contracts shall ensure that such details are reported correctly and without duplication”.

Both of these regulatory requirements can present a significant compliance challenge for firms who perhaps lack technical expertise to develop a robust reconciliation process to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their EMIR and MiFIR trade and transaction reporting.

We provide a reporting assurance service comprised of software tools and consultancy to test the accuracy and completeness of your EMIR and MiFIR trade and transaction reporting solutions, identify reporting issues and assist with root cause analysis, remediation and back-reporting.

  • Accuracy Testing:  Efficient and comprehensive software solution that will allow you to test the accuracy of your Trade Repository (EMIR) or NCA (MiFIR) extracts on either a one-off or periodic basis to identify reporting inaccuracies
  • Completeness Testing:  Configurable software solution that will allow you to compare your front-office records against Trade Repository (EMIR) or NCA (MiFIR) extracts, to validate your reporting logic and identify over, under and inaccurate reporting
  • Professional Services:  We provide consultancy/professional services to assist with root cause analysis and remediation to address any issues identified by the accuracy and completeness checks, as well as support any back-reporting obligations to correct erroneous reports

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“Laurellis Associates will provide you with an end-to-end regulatory reporting assurance service to enable you to meet your EMIR and MiFIR accuracy and completeness obligations.”