EMIR, ASIC and MAS Reporting Health Check

We were engaged by a UK Asset Manager to perform a reporting health check to assess the quality of the manager’s EMIR, ASIC and MAS transaction reporting solution.
How we helped our client
  • Confirmed EMIR, ASIC and MAS transaction reporting obligations and presented a detailed assessment of the client’s current reports
  • Performed a detailed review of the client’s regulatory transaction reporting model
  • Provided a clear and detailed remediation plan to address technical gaps in the client’s transaction reporting solution
How the client benefited
  • Determined that the client’s current transaction reporting solution was not completely compliant for EMIR, ASIC or MAS, and did not provide robust processes and controls
  • Provided a roadmap of actions to help the client build a compliant solution that fulfilled their reporting obligations
  • Identified and agreed a series of improvements that would significantly enhance the client’s reporting processes and controls and mitigate regulatory risk
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